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Our Innovators


Art for All! 
By Shimaa Halima

Shimaa is a Secondary School Teacher, an artist and an innovator with a future vision to establish an art school that provides art classes and workshops for young minds. She has extensive experience teaching Art and have had 4 art exhibitions within the community in the past few years. With 9 years teaching experience; teaching English and Arts , she has decided to take her teaching expertise further to establish and provide immersive art workshops that would run as school incursions to encourage a positive mindset and to inspire young minds to generate creative artwork with a passion.

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I Can. I am.

By Isabel Cherukara

I Can. I am. is a health promoting social group for young adults aged 18-30  with intellectual disabilities.  The program aims to provide individuals with settings and activities that encourage them to be physically active and have opportunities to build connections with peers their age.

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Letting go of our emotional baggage: Support and accountability groups

By Tien Truong

The support and accountability groups help participants acknowledge and transform the traumatic experiences that keep people emotionally stuck in the memory of threatening situations, with the support of an accountability buddy.


Compared to traditional modalities, the Internal Family systems method is a compassionate and judgment free space that reframes “negative”, “toxic” or “irrational” thoughts, feelings and behaviours by helping people understand that their triggered responses were adaptive and made sense in past situations where they felt unsafe.


The groups provide participants with tools to help get them out of the fight or flight response by cultivating a sense of safety in their body, so they are able to respond to situations from a calm and regulated space, rather than reacting automatically from their survival response.

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Local day tours for all senior citizens

By Surya Ravindran

Surya's idea is aimed to support older migrants in the western suburbs to have the opportunity to come together in groups to participate in day tours and local based activities. Her project encourages individuals to explore and participate in the community, which can foster a sense of connectedness and joy.

Maker Space

By Lily Nguyen

Make Space is focused on supporting young people to have access and participate in creative learning. The Maker Space project aims to be a community space that hosts workshops and provides resources that encourage young people to draw and write. Through this program, young people can have access to a creative outlet, share their stories and also develop their literacy skills in the process.

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Multicultural Minds

By Emily Unity

Multicultural Minds is a podcast dedicated to raising awareness of multicultural mental health. Host Emily Unity talks with guests from diverse backgrounds, exploring the different relationships between culture and mental health.

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Pro Seeker

By Mushkbar Chishti

Pro Seeker has recently launched its services and is proud of the impact that we are planning to make impact in helping new immigrants, especially females who are searching for jobs and someone looking for a career change by linking with professionals in the same field.

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Proximal Space

By Samuel Kangaraj

Samuel is based in PointCook and a founder of ProximalSpace. ProximalSpace is RealTech (Real Estate Tech) startup, started in 2021 in the City of Wyndham. ProximalSpace is about creating sustainable, productive spaces within 15 minutes of remote and hybrid workforce.

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Reclaim Studios

By Bec Hansen

Lead by artist and youth work student Bec Hansen, Reclaim Studios plans to address our impact on the environment by providing a range of sustainable arts workshops to local young people.


We utilise natural materials, found objects, and resources typically thought of as waste material not only to create, but to start a dialogue about how consumption effects the world around us.

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The Beginning Project

By Ikram Mahamed

The Beginning Project is an online resource platform which started as an idea to ease the anxiety of entering young adulthood and provide resources and opportunities specific to living in the West side of Melbourne.


We aim to be a one-in-all guide for young adults to help them achieve their ambitions and future life goals.

Our vision is to ultimately help young people navigate the next chapter of their lives by providing easy access to volunteer and scholarship opportunities, sharing career journeys to educate and inspire new outlooks in life paths, as well as providing useful resources to overcome the stress many young people experience growing up.

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The Outdoor Experience

By Samuel Cullen

This is the outdoor experience. The activities that create communities and a life worth living.

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Tin Tuc Melbourne

By Anna Nguyen

Tin Tuc aims to reduce misinformation amongst the Vietnamese community in Brimbank. To achieve this, we have started a Facebook Page acting as a News Bulletin and plan to run skills building workshops in partnership with Brimbank libraries.

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